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2016: Volume 2, Issue 1
Research Article: Mol Enzy Drug Targ (01)
Association of HLA Class I and II Antigens with Vitiligo in Egyptian Population
Author(s): Ayman Elgendy, Eslam Alshawadfy, Eman Ali, Nancy Wadea, Karem Khalil, Osama Alkady, Ahmed Elsaidi
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Review Article: Mol Enzy Drug Targ (02)
Endothelial Dysfunction An Evolving Target in Diabetic Nephropathy
Author(s): Atul Arya, Surbhi Rana , Sumeet Gupta and Lakhwinder Singh
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Research Article: Mol Enzy Drug Targ (03)
Pressure Effect on the Folding of G-Quadruplex DNA Modified with Hexaethylene Glycol
Author(s): Shuntaro Takahashi and Naoki Sugimoto
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Commentary: Mol Enzy Drug Targ (04)
ROR1 is an Intriguing Target for Cancer Therapy
Author(s): Ryan Kolb, Paige Kluz and Weizhou Zhang
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Editorial: Mol Enzy Drug Targ (05)
The FAH Fold Meets the Krebs Cycle
Author(s): Pidder Jansen-Duerr, Haymo Pircher, Alexander Weiss
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Short Communication: Mol Enzyme Drug Targets (06)
The Knockout Punch for HER2 Positive Breast Cancer: Addition of an ADAM10 Inhibitor to the Combination Therapy of Trastuzamab and Lapatinib
Author(s): Marcia L. Moss
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Opinion Article: Mol Enzy Drug Targ (07)
Classification of Enzyme Regulators within Thermodynamic Model of Enzyme Regulation
Author(s): Qinyi Zhao
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